Creating Stream Rules Using Pipeline Fields

(Saban Durna) #1

I created a field using pipeline to get the duration data from the message content.

rule "rule_duration"
  has_field("message") AND to_long($message.level) == 6
  let result = split(" ",to_string($message.message))[9];

I want to create a stream to store the messages their duration value is greater than 0. When I configure the stream by pipeline condition, the messages I send are not redirected to the stream.

Can not I use a field, that is created by pipeline, in stream rules? If yes can you recommend any suggestion to me?


(Jochen) #2

What’s the order of message processors in your Graylog cluster?
You can check that on the System/Configurations page in the web interface.

Also, please provide some example messages.

(Saban Durna) #3

Processor order is like this:

  1. Message Filter Chain
  2. Pipeline Processor

When I change the order of them, the fields that created by pipeline are not exist in any stream. In both cases I cannot make the stream work.

(Jochen) #4

With that order, the Stream filter (the component running the stream rules and assigning streams to a message) are running before the pipeline rules.
If you want to use one or more fields created by a pipeline rule in your stream rules, you have to swap the order.

Alternatively, you can assign streams in your pipeline rules:

(Saban Durna) #5

I tried the solution you suggested and it was successful.

Thanks a lot

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