Need help sending Logs from MacOS Big Sur


I am new to Graylog and I have been trying to send logs from MacOS Big Sur client. Been trying to do this but I couldn’t get it to work. Can anyone guide me here?


First, welcome to the Graylog Community. The folks around here are generally happy to help. Before we get too into the weeds of what’s going on, I’d suggest reading the community FAQ: . They cover a number of things, but most pertinent to your issue:

  • Tell us what you’ve tried. It’s a bit difficult to help if we don’t know what methods you’ve already attempted.
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I edit the syslog.conf file on MacOS Big Sur and added the code as follows:

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 11.31.58 AM

Then, I added the input using syslog (both TCP and UDP). But graylog says input failed to start with the following error:

Input 5ffd5ae9349b08031ed036ee has failed to start on node 7449abff-806f-471a-84cd-adce278c59d8 for this reason: »bind(..) failed: Permission denied.

Any advise?

You can’t run input on port lower than 1024 (e.g 514) by normal user. Graylog by default runs as normal user (and not root) and can’t listen on port 514. Best way is to listen graylog input on higher port e.g 1514 and setup forwarding on macos also to higher port:

*.* @

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^ what @shoothub said :slight_smile:

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