NaN value for statistics


I have a grok pattern for apache logs as follow :

%{IPORHOST:xforwardedfor} %{COMMONAPACHELOG} %{QS:referrer} %{QS:agent} %{NUMBER:response_time;float}

I want to graph the average response_time field, but for now I just get NaN in statistic table.

I don’t understand why, because I followed documentation : and Convert fields created by grok pattern as integer

Moreover on Elasticsearch side I see the field as :

      "response_time" : {
        "type" : "long"

I rotate the indice but so far no luck. How can I troubleshoot this ?

By the way I’m running graylog server 3.0.2-1

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since I upgraded to 3.2 the grok pattern data type is working as expected.

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