MongoDb connection URI

I need to save some data into Graylog MongoDB.
Can someone help me to understand how to recover the its uri (as in cluster as in signle configuration)?

I know that is present a key mongodb_uri on graylog.conf file, but I don’t know how to load it or if is present a default service to get it and its keys


Please elaborate on what you want to achieve.

The credentials and connection details for MongoDB are configured in the mongodb_uri setting in the Graylog configuration file. So far so good, but I have no idea what you’re asking.

Hi @jochen
I try to explain what I want to do.
In order to implement my custom input (JDBC), I need to save the index/timestamp that reached.
So I thought to save them on Mongo (another collection I mean).

Here the idea to use the Greylog one.
I noticed the Java class MongoDbConfiguration in the Graylog server project but I do not know whether it’s my case.

Have you some suggestions for me to solve my problem?


You can use MongoJack or use the PersistedImpl base class.

You can also inject MongoConnection in your class and work with the MongoDB Java driver directly.


Thanks a lot,
your solution is clear and efficient as always, by the way.


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