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I have learned from the official documentation that I need to make a replica set for mongodb instances, but the way they are dns labelled in the env var of GRAYLOG_MONGODB_URI is something like : mongodb://mongo-mongodb-replicaset-0.mongo-mongodb-replicaset:27017,mongo-mongodb-replicaset-1.mongo-mongodb-replicaset.mongo:27017,mongo-mongodb-replicaset-2.mongo-mongodb-replicaset:27017/graylog?replicaSet=rs0 . But this looks like a stateful set and not a replicaset. What is that I need to make for mongodb ? Statefulset or replicaset. In case stateful what is the name=value pair for replicaSet=rs0 that comes at the end of the connection string ?

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Please refer to the documentation for MongoDB connection strings at

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Can you just exlaim me that repclicaSet=rs0 is used by graylog or mongodb ?

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Please rephrase your question and take a look at the examples at

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Rephrased : Do we require to set the replicaSet=rs0 in the mongo db connection string. In the link here they do not mention the “?replicaSet=rs0” options part in the mongo db connection string in the statefulsets. But in the mongo db connection string here : they do mention. Thanks.

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When in question, use the format described in the MongoDB documentation.

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