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i am using the graylog appliance version and as i understand the mongodb must have a mongod.conf file. can someone please tell me where is it located?

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Please refer to for details about the file locations in the virtual appliance (OVA).

This being said, you’re not supposed to edit the MongoDB configuration file directly in the virtual appliance.
What do you want to achieve?


i want to create replica sets.
after discussing this issue with mongodb experts they told me to that the easiest way to do it is with the mongodb config file.

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The virtual appliance (OVA) currently doesn’t support MongoDB replica sets.

See for supported cluster options.

If you absolutely have to create a MongoDB replica set, you’ll need to migrate away from the OVA to a custom setup first.


ok thanks
instead of migrating to a custom setup can i create an external mongodb and then create replica sets?

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No, that’s not supported.

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