Missing mandatory 'short_message' field

Hallo Folks
I am getting this error in Graylog container.

I am not sure where this message is coming from. Is there anyway I could see the whole message contents? Or traceback to the source?

I have seen a similar issue in one of the posts

In my case the ports are all different.

I am using Graylog version 4.3.14

Could anyone please help me on this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @findingnemo

A GELF message from node 10.xxx.xxx.xxx is missing short message field. How are you sending those logs (i.e. filebeat, Nxlog,etc…) , what type of log formate are you sending ( i.e, database, Apache, etc…) and what input are you using?

The input may be incorrect for that type of message being sent from that node. As for finding that message you can try looking it “_id” shown in the screen shot.
You can look in the default stream called “Processing and Indexing Failures” see if its in there, other then that, I dont know. Chances are it may have been drop.

We use gelfhttp to send the log messages. Within application we use log4net/serilog/nlog or console log (.net) and gelfudp from fluentd from kubernetes.
The log format is gelf.

I cannot search by ‘_id’ keyword in the streams. But I could find this property => ‘gl2_message_id’. May I know if this is what you meant?

I cannot see a stream called ‘Processing and Indexing Failures’. May I know if this is an enterprise feature?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @findingnemo


Yes, Finding a dropped message or a message that could not be indexed may be difficult. I would check out the application to ensure its sending the right format or perhaps try another input type.

Hey Smith,
I will check from my applications if they are sending the right format or try another input type.

Thank you for your help.

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