Migrating Opensearch Graylog to DataNode Graylog maintaining the config

Hi, I have Graylog 5.1 deployed using a docker-compose with Opensearch instead of ES.
I was looking on how to update that docker-compose (of which I’ve lost the file, so I can’t do an in-place update) and I saw the Graylog DataNode docker-compose.

How can I migrate all of my settings from my current docker-compose to the new one?

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Great question. I had the same question myself :slight_smile:

For now, data node is not yet “Generally Available” (Officially released and supported). Currently it can only be used for greenfield (completely new) graylog clusters and cannot be used with existing clusters. My understanding is that we are planning to have a migration path but those details haven’t been worked out yet. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

Got it. Thank you, Drew.

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