Migrating from Graylog OVA - snapshot and restore problems

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I am coming into an organization with a Graylog server (version 2.1.2) which was depolyed by OVA in production. I am attempting to migrate to a newly installed (not OVA) Graylog server version 2.4.4 but having trouble with snapshot and restore on the old.

It seems like I am missing something (possibly an installed package --or just understanding :wink: ) because when I attempt to follow the documentation and run commands like:

curl PUT /_snapshot/my_backup { “type”: “fs”, “settings”: {“commpress”: “true”, “location”: “/mnt/nfsmount/es_backup”}

I get responses like “curl: (6) Could not resolve host: PUT”.

It is probably more because I don’t have much experience with Graylog but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You forgot the -X (or --request) parameter in front of the HTTP method and -d (or --data) in front of your payload (which also has to be quoted).

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Yeah thanks for the breadcrumb, new to elasticsearch and getting an education by immersion. For those who might be bouncing around because lots of the documentation seems to use Kibana and not curl:

After setting path.repo in elasticsearch.yml:

path.repo: ["<repo path>"]

And restarting (mine being ubuntu 18.04):

sudo service elasticsearch restart

Create the Repository

curl -X PUT -d ‘{“type”:“fs”,“settings”:{“compress”:true,“location”:"<repo path>"}}’ <HostIP>:9200/_snapshot/my_backup

Check if repository created

curl -X GET <HostIP>:9200/_snapshot/_all

Snapshot entire cluster

curl -X PUT <HostIP>:9200/_snapshot/my_backup/snapshot-number-one?wait_for_completion=true

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