Graylog restore problem

I migrated between same version graylog / opensearch environments.When I restore the backup I took from the previous Graylog in the new Graylog environment, I cannot view it in the stream. I couldn’t find it in all the messages. The restore was done properly. It didn’t give any errors. I ask for your support in this matter.

Graylog version: 5.0.2 community
Opensearch version: 2.9.0 community

Can you clarify what you backed up (and how) and how you restored it?

I restore the index backup taken in the old graylog environment in the new graylog environment. When I check, the logs I restored go into the default stream. Log is not coming to the correct stream. I also reviewed it for the template. There is no difference. I moved Stream from the old environment to the new environment with a content pack. Stream id is the same.

Restore command: (elasticvue)

POST http://ip:9200/_snapshot/apim_mwservices_prod_40/15dec2023/_restore
“rename_pattern”: “apim_mwservices_prod_40”,
“rename_replacement”: “restore_2024010302”,
“index_settings”: {
“index.number_of_replicas”: 0


Understood. Graylog maintains metadata on the indices (in its mongo db) that is required when migrating data or doing a backup/restore. To my knowledge I don’t believe the _snapshot functionality (of elasticsearch?) is officially supported for use with graylog.

Did you restore the mongodb as well?

I did not take a mongo backup. I created streams by switching. If I take a backup now and restore it to the same environment, won’t it crush the existing indexes?

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