Message states You are running an outdated Graylog version

just setup my first graylog server on ubuntu 22.04 this week.

from the CLI it shows graylog-server is on latest version 5.0.13-1, but when I login to the web side I get the message that I am running an old version, and the most recent stable graylog version is 5.2.2 (noir)

if that is true, why am I not seeing from the CLI?

You will need to do a wget of the package to move from major version to major version, you can see the commands in this doc Prerequisites

Basically, the CLI will show you that you are on the newest version on 5.0, but won’t offer 5.1 or 5.2 automatically without the wget stuff.

aw man, I must have read right past that, sorry, but thanks for helping!

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