Message display in Graylog was wrong

(Mohamediflan) #1

I have a gelf formatted log file and i push log from logstash to graylog. My logs get transfer but fields are displayed in wrong manner. example in my log version was 1.1 and level was 4 but i get as 1.0 and 6 respectively.

{ “version”:“1.1”,“host”:"*****",“level”:4,“timestamp”:1531426492,“short_message”:“Starting MERGE”,“full_message”:“123456.csv”,"_process_log_id":110,"_process_id":7,"_file":“part-00002-2934af0b-e1cc-408.csv”,"_process":“hello”}

(Jan Doberstein) #2

When you feel this is a bug, then you should write down how you did what and what wasn’t working like it should and make this together a bug report over at:

(system) #3

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