Machine learning for the elastic stack

I have been reading about this exciting new capability in the Elastic stack. Will machine learning make it’s way into Graylog?


Maybe, but there’s nothing scheduled for any release so far.

Fair enough. I couldn’t find a roadmap for Graylog. Is there such a document/page for the community to see? I really think that Graylog adds value above and beyond the basic ELK stack so I am excited to learn what is coming down the pipe.


You can always look at the milestones that are available on Github:

That is not the single source of truth, but everything that comes into the product can be found on them.

Very good point. This is even better than a static roadmap - you can see exactly what is changing. On the other hand, a roadmap would summarize the big changes to look forward to. That would be nice to have.

Keep up the good work!


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