Lookup specific value in a lookup table

I have created a dynamic lookup table that stores two values per key. lookup_value obtains the first value but I could not find a way to obtain the second value.

You might think that lookup tables can do multiple values by the way it is described, but alas they do not.

There is a “feature” request for it here, and it has been open since 2017… maybe post your interest and we can get that set higher in priority?

Interestingly there is a workaround in the post - I have used it and it works just fine.

Does it make a difference if the lookup table is stored in mongodb?

Oh, THATS what you mean by dynamic! haha! I think you are in the same boat… I have not worked with them but based on what I am seeing in the documentation… it’s a single value. The workaround could still be applied…

Bummer. I guess the source code never lies. :slight_smile:
Thanks @tmacgbay

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