Logs not showing

Hello guys, i copied the configuration of a present graylog to a new graylog(latest version). I discovered that after dividing them into streams, some streams open immediately and show logs while the others stay for hours without displaying logs. And i have an average of 200-250 logs per second. Attached to this message is the screenshot of the logs not displaying despite the high log influx.

Please what is wrong with it and what can be done to fix that because i need to start analyzing the logs i get.

What’s in the logs of your Graylog and Elasticsearch nodes?

am sorry i dont get the question. But if you meant what logs am i forwarding to graylog…logs from the devices i would like to monitor.(windows,AV,FW and proxy)

You should check the logs of your Graylog node and your Elasticsearch node for warnings and errors.

where do i check that please? what path or where exactly?
Please note that i get logs from particular streams(AV) but it does not load for the others.


Check the link I’ve posted in my first reply.

Thanks @jochen. i have fixed it now.

Great! What was the problem?

It was very easy. you know i mentioned that i transferred the configuration from the former graylog server to a new one. It was referencing fields that have been deleted.

All i did was that:

  1. I deleted the streams that came with the config
  2. I created new streams using the same rules.
  3. I started the stream and it was pretty cool.

I was able to view the desired logs in no time.

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