Logging events with lists in fields

Hey folks,

We’re working with Graylog to log all information from our video games, as part of that, we’ve encountered situations where we want to store arrays of a variable length in graylog.

For example, two users may begin a trade where User 1 trades items A, B and C for items D and E, ideally, we’d just store sender_offer: A, B,C, recipient_offer: D, E, but after doing some research we understand GELF does not accept lists.

The way we see it, we could store a comma separated string for each value, for example, sender: “A, B, C” recipient: “D, E”, but then this is quite hard to query (we’d have to use wildcards all over), alternatively, we could assign a field per value, for example sender_0: A sender_1: B, sender_2: C recipient_0: D recipient_1:E, but this is also hard to query, especially for a specific item (sender_0 is item or sender_1 is item or …)

Is there a better way or is one of these approaches preferred?


Quick thoughts: You could trade efficiency for ease of search and create a unique transaction id and then have separate log lines for each transaction item noting offer/recipient.

Alternatively tune your log line to use a regex search rather than potentially enabling leading wildcard searches.

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