Log Streaming from HPUX


My company is running very old unix server (HPUX) and I need to stream couples of logs from the server into Graylog.
Any idea how to do it?

Yen Yen

@yyyen01 We support many log sources – and more are coming every day. For a complete list, check out Graylog Marketplace, the central repository of Graylog extensions. There are 4 types of content on the Marketplace:

  • Plug-Ins: Code that extends Graylog to support a specific use case that it doesn’t support out of the box.
  • Content Pack: A file that can be uploaded into your Graylog system that sets up streams, inputs, extractors, dashboards, etc. to support a given log source or use case.
  • GELF Library: A library for a programming language or logging framework that supports sending log messages in GELF format for easy integration and pre-structured messages.
  • Other Solutions: Any other content or guide that helps you integrate Graylog with an external system or device. For example, how to configure a specific device to support a format Graylog understands out of the box.

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

@makarands Thanks for the reply! the problem is we cannot find any keyword relate to HPUX in marketplace. Is there any successful case whereby Graylog is able to integrate with HPUX system and read the log files on disc?

The simplest way is to forward syslog messages directly to graylog.

  1. Firstly create Input Syslog UDP for HP-UX messages
  2. Secondly forward syslog messages to graylog. Check this, how to configure syslog forwarding in HP-UX.

@shoothub Thanks! Just a quick check. The log file is written to a local disc by the application.
Will syslog able to read it?
Also, we have tried syslog to read local file and we realise the syslog stop sending the data once the log file rotated.

  1. Check parameter -p logfile to read file from filesystem
  2. Check you logrotate config… if it create empty file after rotation.

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