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Hi you all,

Can I config log message retention time? I’d search a lot, but didn’t find it. Is it customizable? If yes, where I can make this change (web interface or some config file)?

Hello @osvaldofilho,

Which logs do you mean? Are you talking about in streams? If so you need to change the index retention settings. If you want them for a specific amount of time, use the timeframe option. Default is number of messages, 2.000.000 I believe.

Let me explain,

I’ll receive logs from different sources. I need to create an input for each source? Each source may have different retention time. How can I config it? Or I receive in same input type and create a view from each source with stream and in this case I can config retention time?

If you need to define a different retention time based on source then you will have to create an index per each retention time.

You can have multiple sources per input.
You will create streams. Each stream is tied to an index. Messages are routed to streams based upon stream rules. Every message in a stream will be in the associated index. You can define retention strategy per index.

Ok. Thanks for your support.

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