Leading Wildcard Search in k8s with helm?

Hello GrayLog Community,

I am actually setting up an environment with a GrayLog Instance in a k8s cluster with rancher and helm.

I got a little problem with setting up the graylog instance because of the missing setting for “allow_leading_wildcard_searches = false” to enable the wildcards. The client wants to search all kind of things via a contains search… and I think the leading wildcard search is a good replacement for this.

How do I have to set the values.yaml of the helm installation to get this up?



He @Koltira

as this is some kind of docker setup - you can use the environment variables for that:


In https://github.com/helm/charts/blob/master/stable/graylog/values.yaml you can see that you can add additional graylog config.

 config: |
    elasticsearch_connect_timeout = 10s
    elasticsearch_socket_timeout = 60s
    elasticsearch_idle_timeout = -1s

The answer would be to set the following in the values.yaml:

  config: |
    allow_leading_wildcard_searches = true

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