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I am running graylog 5.2 in a docker environment and I am logging Windows Fileserver Access to it. I have configured the ENV “GRAYLOG_ALLOW_LEADING_WILDCARD_SEARCHES=true”

Now I want to filter the search with a filter of “AccessList” for example:
Show me all messages which has AccessList 4416 in it.

In older Versions I could just search for “AccessList: %%4416” and the messages where filtered. In the new Version I only get the message " Query parsing error : Cannot parse query, cause: ‘*’ or ‘?’ not allowed as first character in WildcardQuery."

Example AccessList entry: “%%1538 %%1541 %%4416 %%4417 %%4418 %%4419 %%4420 %%4423 %%4424”

I have tried different things but nothing works. How can I filter the messages?

What I have tried:


Hey @dsgry

If that the field called " AccessList" then In the Search box something like this…

AccessList: "%%4416"

I know in the Graylog config file its.

allow_leading_wildcard_searches = true

Double check the ENV it may have changed

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