Lack of parity between the UI and Rest API while creating the user

Hi All,

Graylog version : 2.3.2+3df951e, codename Tegernseer

I was going through the Rest API documentation for adding a user to graylog. The rest API mentions that the permissions field is a not null required field while on the UI there is no option of adding permissions manually. The permissions are governed by the role that the user is assigned.

Below is the snippet for the CreateUserRequest :

    public static CreateUserRequest create(@JsonProperty("username") @NotEmpty String username, @JsonProperty("password") @NotEmpty String password, @JsonProperty("email") @Email String email, @JsonProperty("full_name") @NotEmpty String fullName, @JsonProperty("permissions") @NotNull List<String> permissions, @JsonProperty("timezone") @Nullable String timezone, @JsonProperty("session_timeout_ms") @Nullable @Min(1L) Long sessionTimeoutMs, @JsonProperty("startpage") @Nullable Startpage startpage, @JsonProperty("roles") @Nullable List<String> roles) {
        return new AutoValue_CreateUserRequest(username, password, email, fullName, permissions, timezone, sessionTimeoutMs, startpage, roles);

While in the attached screenshot of the add user field there is no permissions field. There is only roles field which governs the permissions.

How could I get the same functionality while working with the Rest API ?

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