Kubernetes Deployment and Data Nodes

My apologies if this post does not follow the “standard” message format, but it is not a bug report. I am just looking for documentation/advice/best practices.

I am looking to deploy a small (test) Graylog instance on Kubernetes, and I cannot find any documentation on that. I did find the Docker compose repo (original post had actual links to clarify what I am talking about, but the forum will not allow them, so… :frowning: ), and the corresponding docs on running Graylog on docker (again, link removed). However, any Kubernetes manifests that I can find online are from third parties, and for quite old Graylog versions.

Also, while researching this, I came across another (possibly unrelated) topic - Graylog Data Nodes. However, even though this page references the installation and Graylog Docker pages, those pages seem to have no references to data nodes. As far as I can tell, all the rest of the documentation just uses a “regular” OpenSearch image.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there any documentation on running Graylog on K8s?
  2. On a new deployment, starting from scratch on 5.2, would it be recommended to go with DataNodes? If so, is there any documentation on how to set up Graylog in this case? (unfortunately, “start with the install docs and replace opensearch with datanode” is not a substitute for real documentation :slight_smile: )
    [Edit: I just notice that, even though the “installing on Docker” page still mentions OpenSearch images, the compose files are built with the datanode image. So it appears that this second question has been answered, it just needs a documentation update :slight_smile:

This still leaves the question of “running Graylog on K8s” - and even though I can find this question being asked again and again on this forum (for example in 2017 and 2019), all the previous questions seem to have been simply… ignored]

Thank you!

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