JVM option changes in 4.0.6

When installing 4.0.6 just now I was prompted to reconcile some changes in the JVM start options.

  • UseConcMarkSweepGC
  • CMSConcurrentMTEnabled
  • CMSClassUnloadingEnabled

All 3 of these options were removed. @aaronsachs or anyone else can you link me to the documentation for this change? I tried looking through the change log but probably through my own fault wasn’t able to find it.

Oof. Offhand, I’m not sure. Can you raise this on GitHub - Graylog2/graylog2-server: Free and open source log management as an issue? If it’s not showing up in the changelog, it probably should be and you’ll probably get the answer a bit quicker via a Github issue.

Ok, I will. The last one appears to not be relevant in current java versions, so maybe that’s the case for the other two as well.

Worth pointing out that basically everyone (ideally) will get prompted for both the jvm option changes and the log4j2 config changes, since anyone using HTTPS will have (or should have) modified the JVM startup options for their cert, and the Kafka logging options changed in the log4j2 config.

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