JSON path from HTTP API -can i get all array?

I’m beginner.
I tried to get a data.
For example GitHub download-count each releases.
I tried

select input : JSON path from HTTP API 
Lunch new input 
  URI of JSON resource: https://api.github.com/repos/docker/compose/releases/tags/1.27.4
 JSON path of data to extract: $.assets[*].url

I expect getting every assetes url . but i got assetts[0] only.
How can i get every url?

I use Graylog v4.1
Docker compose

Howdy, have you looked at https://jsonpath.com/ to test your expression? It’s my go-to resource when working with JSON & jsonpath.

Thank you aaronsachs
Yes yes yes!
I tried https://jsonpath.com/

JSON Path:$.phoneNumbers[*].type
]     // return 2 answers

but in Graylog
I wrote

JSON path of data to extract: $.assets[*].url  // or $.assets[*].download_count
// I expected response => [ "11973", "256",        ]  <- download_counts
//but only "11973"

Is it a specification?

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