Json mapping error

1. Describe your incident:
I’m “new” to graylog (been trying to get it to work for a month). I can send messages from my unifi server to my graylog with (echo “message” | ncat - u xxx.xx.xx.xxx port) but nothing else is coming through. I’m getting a warning/error in log/opensearch/graylog.log =

[2024-04-09T09:59:41,067] [WARN] [o.o.p.c.u.JsonConverter] [xxxxx] Json Mapping Error: Cannot invoke "java.lang.Long.longValue()" because "this.cacheMaxSize" is null (through reference chain: org.opensearch.performanceanalyzer.collectors.CacheConfigMetricsCollector$CacheMaxSizeStatus["Cache_MaxSize"])

2. Describe your environment:
I’m using proxmox VM. 8gb ram and 64gb (Test vm to see if we actually wanna use graylog)

  • OS Information: Ubuntu 22.04 liverserver

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?
I’ve scoured the internet for a solution and i cant seem to find anything related to this problem. I’ve checked that files av the premissions they need. Checked preformance analyzer.properties for a solution there.

If anyone can help i’d much appreciate it!

Disclaimer: I’m new to working with servers so there might be solutions i’ve missed

This is my opensearch.log

Looks like an issue in Opensearch 2.13:

You could downgrade to 2.12.

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I had a lot of issues with 2.12.0 as well. I started a new VM and set up everything again with Opensearch 2.8.0 instead. I now have 0 error messages and little to no warnings. Thank you!

Hey @IverSyversen

OpenSearch version 2.12 & 2.13 have a few bug there working out. Keep an eye on GitHub opensearch-project/Issues. Specially the release info with newer version.

@patrickmann Yeah they have few :laughing:

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