JMTE and globbing

Is there a way to use globs in JMTE? At the moment it seems that I can either show all keys and/or values, or I can just show specific key/value pairs.
When I show all the key/value pairs it shows things like gl2_remote_port and other Graylog specific info that so far, I’ve never needed, and just clutters up the view. Fields which are from our app have the prefix ctxt_, but I can’t seem to find a way to just print those, without doing a hundred or more (if ctxt_blahBlah)(message.fields.ctxt_blahBlah) statements.
The above just might be do-able, but every time the (if ctxt_blahBlah) doesn’t match, it still prints a newline in the Alert. So alerts look like dozens of newlines, then an error message, then more newlines. So that doesn’t really work either.

Is there anything I can do?

No, see Java Minimal Template Engine for the capabilities of JMTE.

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