Is there a way to alert me when high disk watermark [90%] exceeds


I am new to Graylog. Recently i had an issue, graylog was not showing messages in the search view. Digging on the logs i understood that " high disk watermark [90%] exceeded ". So i went through the discussions in this community and have followed the suggestion of deleting the indexes that were quite old. The issue got fixed, but this happened in a weekend and I lost the processed logs for this period.

Can you suggenst if there is a way so that i can have an alert once the disk is nearing 90%.

Thanks in advance

without knowing anything about your setup and assuming you don’t have a 3rd party monitoring solution, I can suggest installing metricbeat on the server and shipping to Graylog. But, monitoring a system with itself is never a great idea.

Graylog is a log management and you need 3rd party monitoring then specific monitor OS parameters. I can suggest installing zabbix for complete coverage required.

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