Is it possible to keep the fromhost-ip after RSYSLOG transmits message

My Graylog Server is listening udp/514 by rsyslog service.
Rsyslog transmits messages when it receives any messages.
And I do the replace(let ipaddress replace source) as below picture:
The issue is:
the messages’ [gl2_remote_ip] field will replaced to RSYSLOG’s IP by RSYSLOG.

here is the config in my RSYSLOG:

*.* @;RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format

How can I do ?

replace the source IP in RSYSLOG?


did you have preserved hostname set in rsyslog?

PreserveFQDN on

yes I did,but issue is not resolve.

Well, that’s exactly what the gl2_remote_ip is supposed to contain: The IP address of the client from which Graylog received the message.

If the message was received from rsyslog, then gl2_remote_ip will contain the IP address of the rsyslog server.

Using a Syslog UDP or TCP input on the other hand, will try to find the hostname contained in the actual syslog message and fill the source message field with it.

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