Is is possible to get the Report in PDF format

HI Team,

Is any third party plugin community is aware of where we can get the reports or dashboards can be exported in PDF format? Or Can be scheduled to send out those via email?

Blason R

Graylog 3.0 have this as part of the Enterprise features. I’m not aware of any 3rd party plugin that does this.

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OK - Just wondering if community is aware of third party plugin? Or any other alternative?

I’m not aware of any… You could always run scripts that visit the Dashboard for you and that capture the current screen state. But that’s just yucky :slight_smile:

Write some software that does it for you - use the Graylog API to get the data, then generate your own PDF and mail it to the people that need it :slight_smile: Or wait for Graylog 3.0 and get an Enterprise license :wink:

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