Integrating graylog with wazuh cluster

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Dear community,
i am integrating graylog with wazuh cluster, i finished installation process however i was not able to log to the dashboard and below log is resulted
2023-02-01T14:38:12.596+08:00 ERROR [VersionProbe] Unable to retrieve version from Elasticsearch node: Hostname ingest-hodor-02 not verified:
certificate: sha256/D36y/uQsI1XpAauCaivwfxez54ICoNa6+9MUib9fmJE=
DN: CN=ingest-hodor-02, OU=Wazuh, O=Wazuh, L=California, C=US
subjectAltNames: []. - Hostname ingest-hodor-02 not verified:
certificate: ****************************************************
DN: CN=ingest-hodor-02, OU=Wazuh, O=Wazuh, L=California, C=US

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  • OS Information:

PRETTY_NAME=“Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS”
VERSION=“22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)”


  • Package Version:

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

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Hello && Welcome @dracarys

What I noticed was Hostname ingest-hodor-02 not verified:

  1. Ensure you cettificate are correct when usinghtem for Graylog found here
  2. Ensure the correct certificate ar ein the Keystore, some members us JAAV default keystore called " cacerts", or copy that one and create you own. Make sure you configure Graylog to use the NEW keystore.

Thank you Gsmith
will be checking and revert if not applied

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