Installing with conjure-up kubernetes hangs: "Waiting for snap config: /var/snap/graylog/common/server.conf"

(Reasv) #1

I’m installing kubernetes along with graylog using conjure-up kubernetes on Ubuntu 18.04, bare metal server.
The installation gets to the last step which looks like this:

But as you can see graylog won’t complete its installation. It set up its own mongodb instance and everything, but the config file is not present. I assume it should be automatically generated since I don’t know anything about the mongodb instance it spun up for itself.

(Jan Doberstein) #2

what compose file did you use? Graylog itself would just start with the default values - but if you have a configuration that is waiting for the configuration to be present the above might happen.

(Reasv) #3

I used no custom config, just started conjure-up and selected graylog to be installed.

(Jan Doberstein) #4

I do not know the tool - and I do not know how this pulls Graylog in. Sorry no help from my end.

(Reasv) #5

I see, well thank you anyways. It’s just Canonical’s tool for deploying Kubernetes on Ubuntu

(Jan Doberstein) #6

As you can see in the code this looks like it does not include any of installation flavours Graylog provide:

You should ask for help in the conjure community

(Reasv) #7

I will, thanks for your help

(system) #8

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