Input creation by API

using graylog 4.1.6, I’d like to create an input using ReST. So I look at Node/Swagger api console to understand how create the json to post for input creation

I don’t fine any documentation or example to build the configuration json object.
The static field, for example I don’t know where can be set.

Can somebody give me an help with an example to understand how it works?

Hello @gianluca-valentini

You need to create a static field, is this correct?
If so, you can do this with a pipeline or Extractor or create a custom index template.

Ho @gsmith
Thanks for your suggestion.

Do you have any idea about how create input using rest model through the swagger graylog UI?

Never had to yet, Sorry. Perhaps someone else here has.

A good way to understand a REST call is to issue it through the UI and observe the parameters in the browser dev tools. The GL frontend communicates exclusively via the API. Anything you can do via the UI you should also be able to do directly via API.

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