Configuring Graylog Exclusively through API

Hey all,

I need to configure Graylog through a series of API calls. Basically, I need to write some scripts that can be run through Ansible, to get to a configured Graylog quickly. As the Graylog web server basically just makes a bunch of API calls, this seems possible, but is it documented anywhere? All I see in the API Browser is read-only system configuration, and some editing paths, but nothing that would allow me to create inputs, extractors, etc. from scratch.


Hej @justin-sleep

we have a :hole: in the documentation …

The API-Browser allows to explore and to learn and also to add/edit. You just need to provide a valid username/password in the top fields.

We would welcome any PR to the Documentation that adds more :flashlight: on this topic!

Whoops, looks like I overlooked those API paths in the browser! Thanks for pointing that out. It looks like the format of the JSON for input creation is

“title”: “string”,
“type”: “string”,
“global”: “boolean”,
“configuration”: “object”,
“node”: “string”

However, what is the format of “type” or “configuration”? I looked through the source trying to find a list of types, but couldn’t find much.

Sure, I’d be happy to add to the documentation once I understand it.

you get an idea, if you create one input on the GUI and then check what is present via API:

      "title": "Beats",
      "global": true,
      "name": "Beats",
      "content_pack": null,
      "created_at": "2016-09-01T11:58:37.216Z",
      "type": "",
      "creator_user_id": "jd",
      "attributes": {
        "recv_buffer_size": 1048576,
        "port": 5044,
        "tls_key_file": "",
        "tls_enable": false,
        "tls_key_password": "",
        "tcp_keepalive": false,
        "tls_client_auth_cert_file": "",
        "tls_client_auth": "disabled",
        "override_source": null,
        "bind_address": "",
        "tls_cert_file": ""
      "static_fields": {},
      "node": null,
      "id": "57c817ed1e0db821b1e5e7dc"

Excellent, I was able to get it working. I’ll apply a similar strategy for getting the extractors and such going, and put together some documentation once I’m finished.


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