Ingesting logs from ubuntu server\Kubernetes Node to Graylog

I am trying to ingest logs from Azure Kubernetes node to Graylog, Below is the Filebeat configuration on Kubernetes node.

problem: Apart from container logs I am able to see all the other logs, please let me know if am missing anything.

Note: Kubernetes Node OS- Ubuntu 18.04


Maybe I can help.

How is your environment setup configured?

I’m not sure exactly what the issue is, could you describe whats going on in greater detail?

@docgyan I’m curious about the need to repost this. I’d noted in your previous post, Ingesting AKS(Azure Kubernetes Services) logs to Graylog - #2 by aaronsachs, that you’re probably going to need some other application (like FluentD) to ship container logs.

Are you running filebeat on the OS itself, or are you running it as a container? Can you provide the full filebeat configuration please?

I was trying both running on OS and having a container, I came across the below link and got the useful code:

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