Importing Reference Data into stream

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We have a need to enrich the incoming data.
I’d like to know if I can pull data from another external source as part of an enrichment stage in the pipeline.
I haven’t identified a core feature for this, but may have missed it.

It may be that I can pull the external data into a cache object and store in Mongo for example, then use as part of my enrichment. The case would either be to add an extra field as part of a standard lookup, or possibly act on the correlation between a stream field and the lookup.

Any ideas or direction would really be appreciated.


(Jochen) #2

You might be interested in the lookup table feature coming in Graylog 2.3.0:

(JayD) #3

Brilliant, thanks for the link.
It looks to be exactly what we need.
I’ll take it for a spin :slight_smile:

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