I have below error message in graylog

  1. Uncommited messages deleted from journal
  2. Journal utilization is too high

Please let me know what this error message is their and what action we can take to resolve them?
is recalculating the index will fix it?


Please take a look at this URL:


And use the search of the community platform.
The forum is full with the same problems.

I have checked many articles in GrayLog Community.
Actually , I have a problem with my disk it is getting out of space in every week and this issue becomes recurring. As per graylog community they are suggesting to decrease the retention of indices.
I had deleted the old indices from Graylog UI but after the deletion of indices i got above messages.
I am searching the correct way to delete the old indices so above messages will not appear but did not find any luck so far.

As per my understanding messages first process to journal and then it will passed to ElasticSerach. how i can make sure the messages/indices i am deleting should not be in journal? or what is the clean procedure to delete the old indices in graylog?


You are the best.
You almost collect all information what you need.

So. If GL can write data to elastic it remove from journal. So if your journal is full, GL can’t write it to ES.

You need to do a calculation. Check your last few indices size, and check your all disk space, and do a division, and decrease the indices number under that number. Eg. 200 GB space / 10 GB index size = 20 pcs. Set your number 15-19 (keep some extra for safe).
And also check you choose index delete at retention policy.

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