I Can't see GeoIp location of the massege

Hello I’m new to the greylog.
my question is can I see GeoIP location of our internal network such us user sign in geoip locatoin etc?

I’m using greylog V4
i have followed this article How to Set Up Graylog GeoIP Configuration | Graylog
and still I can’t see any GeoIp masseges
what I’m Missing here guys any who can help pls.


If your addresses falls under one of these probably not.

List of private address IP addresses: – IP addresses: – IP addresses: –

You could see your External IP address.

@gsmith thanks bro for the replay

So you mean we can only see goeIP location when users are accessing our sourcing outside my city and country but not when they are in my network?

Correct. Your internal addresses are (likely) a non routable subnet as shown by @gsmith… so they would not have entries in the GEOIP table. If you wanted to, you could build your own tables with coordinates for your internal addresses… Not sure that is the most efficient way to go about it… but it IS possible…

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Yes, just as @tmacgbay explained it.

@tmacgbay If this is internal, chance are ( hoping) @Laale have a DNS server you can get the static IP Address :point_left: and create that lookup table, I was think something on the line of

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