I Can't seach the message from 3 days ago


I can’t see messages from 3 days ago onward(on search).

can i increase the size of journal ?

additional information
some logs

  1. on what stream are your messages? Open one of the messages, and have look on the left
  2. which index set is configured for that stream? (stream → More Actins → Index Set)
  3. what is the rotation strategy for this index? (System → Indices → the one from 2)
    Could it be that you have a rotation after 200k messages?

Hi @ihe ,
Thanks for answering.

I have this configuration in my rotation strategy.

Do i need to modify ?


You have 10 indices with 50 000 documents (=log messages) each. That makes approx 500 000 messages in total.
This strategy has the advantage of a almost constant use of disk, but depending on the amount of logs, you will keep them longer or shorter.
if you change the rotation strategy to Index Time you can pick the time you want to keep the logs, but will not be able to set a maximum size.

Hi @ihe
In this case they may be being cleaned so I can’t get messages in searches from at least 5 days ago ?

I will try to change rotation strategy.


yes, they are gone. If you are not an expert in disk-forensics you will not be able to restore them. They are gone.

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