I cannot access Login Page

When I try to access the login page via I get JSON returned instead of a web view to login.

"name": "bBjbVtK",
"cluster_name": "graylog",
"cluster_uuid": "yqkAmNaIQqKgnT21fuKoTA",
"version": {
"number": "6.8.6",
"build_flavor": "oss",
"build_type": "deb",
"build_hash": "3d9f765",
"build_date": "2019-12-13T17:11:52.013738Z",
"build_snapshot": false,
"lucene_version": "7.7.2",
"minimum_wire_compatibility_version": "5.6.0",
"minimum_index_compatibility_version": "5.0.0"
"tagline": "You Know, for Search"

What am I doing wrong?

he @richardkeep

it looks like you try to access elasticsearch and not the Graylog UI.

You might want to share your configuration and we can try to find the glitch.

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I have reinstalled elasticsearch and that fixed my problem. I have no idea what was wrong because I am fairly new to Graylog :mask: . Thanks for the reply though @jan

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