I can not get to the greylog using a browser

I have a half year greylog, day by day browser stopped working www.adresIP: 9000 page unavailable, greylog, elastiscsearch works, logs are gathering, nothing changed in the settings which may be the reason

:crystal_ball: you have installed a local firewall and somebody enabled it?

Everything is as it was, I did not change anything in the settings, day by day ceased to work through the browser, and today the processor’s consumption has increased to 99% and 22GB of RAM, yet yesterday the processor was 33% and 8GB of RAM, I turned off the network card because I thought that attack on ip, but still the same

I’m just browsing the archives and they all have 17GB, just like I’ve set up only the last packet is 500gb and that’s weird

I’ve dealt with the processor, in the configuration file graylog has changed the number of saved archive from 20gb to 200gb I do not know why, unfortunately, the browser does not work

after issuing the netstat command I see localhost: 9200, localhost: 9300 but I do not see localhost: 9000 and I should also be wondering why it does not exist

you should really check your Graylog server.log and your Elasticsearch logfile they will tell you more.

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