I am unable to drop message, please help

HI Team,

I am trying to drop_message (); when packetbeat_client_ip == Below is my rule and pipeline. However I see that pipeline is not working as expected.

Can someone please help?

    has_field("packetbeat_client_ip") && $message.packetbeat_client_ip == ""

Do you guys see any issue in this?

Try using to_string or to_ip for the match.

Depending on how elastic populated that field you may have to force the type on your search. I could be wrong but I’ve definitely had to do that in the past.

he @blason

the second part of the when condition is

$message.packetbeat_client_ip == ""

You compare data with no data-type ( $message.packetbeat_client_ip) with a string ( ""). The solution would be to make it both a string

to_string($message.packetbeat_client_ip) == ""

as suggested by @BlueTeamNinja

I see that was the part I missed thanks for letting me know that.

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