I am not getting the UDP log files

Hi Graylog Community

I’m trying to see the logs in graylog server it’s not shown.
I’m using AWS ami graylog server “graylog-2.0.2-1 (ami-3b47b95b)”
We are using only one node.
I follow these steps

  • I send the logs from local machine and development server also but still we are not getting the logs.
  • And checked the log of graylog and error logs.
  • Input node is working fine and indices and security group is also seems good status of elastic search is green.
  • I restart the graylog server and development serve also. still we are not receive the log files.

he @venkatesh.reddi

you are riding a long time dead horse already … I would recommend to update to the lates stable version.

Can you establish a TCP connection from the source to the target? Did you have created the input in Graylog to receive the logs?

@jan Yes, I have already created the TCP connection and UDP Gelf input.

he @venkatesh.reddi

did you try to send in gelf messages into the GELF input? What if you use a RAW Input and send messages to that?

@jan Yes i send gelf messages.

did you open the firewall and the security aws groups?

@jan Yes i opened the aws security group ports also.
I’m send the logs but it’s not shown in graylog server.
Please help me sir

What if you use a RAW Input and send messages to that?

I want to send Gelf UDP messages previously it is working now it is not working why?
and elastic search and input node also working good but we not receiving logs
please i want to debug this issue i need your help please sir.

he @venkatesh.reddi

debugging needs that you try different items and try to find the point where it is not working. That means stepping into each piece and check if that is working.

That is basic system administrator knowledge and this is not a basic help hotline.

@jan Yes, I send the raw text logs also but my graylog server is not receiving that logs.
and input node and cluster also running fine and i allow the security port also.
Thank you

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