Howto: Use Google Sheets as fronted for Lookup Table Editing

Many people wonder how you could easily edit Lookup Table content by non-tech people and keep the process of updating and shipping that to Graylog as low as possible.

I have seen people writings scripts or automation doing this what adds another moving wheel to the setup and it can be a burden. Many already use Google Sheets or similar - why not try to use that direct?

In short - you can use the export CSV URL from a shared Google Sheet as source for a DSV Lookup:

When you share “read-only” for people having access to the link it is kind of secure - maybe not for SOC2 but for your SOHO/Home Setup that should be enough.

This way you can edit Lookup table content from within a Google Sheet.

Happy Hacking


This could easily become an wiki page.

“Wiki session” is empty and I think it’s a good way to avoid people to open New Topics over and over about the same thing.

I can help create wiki pages with “troubleshoot things”, I’m pretty sure other will do as well.

What you guys think about that?

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Nice, Thanks for sharing.

Just for the complete circle.

Use the URL from the first reply from here: Download-Link für den CSV-Export von Google Spreadsheets - mit mehreren Blättern. For those not able to read:{key}/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet={sheet_name}

In the linked Document you can see the different options as you can also run queries, remove headers and multiple more.

Do not forget to use Caching in Graylog if you use this Lookup Table in Graylog for all messages, or Google will block your Graylog from accessing this cause of a detected DDOS … (i just experienced this so, create at least a node based caching for this).

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