Lookup Tables require saving after modifying the CSV file

Just throwing this out there so that people searching for this one don’t waste time. It may be in the documentation, but I don’t remember reading about it.

I created a Hostname lookup table. I was working great with the initial CSV list I created, but I was finding that when I added new hosts to the CSV file, they were being ignored. I tried purging cache but it didn’t help. The “Check interval” was set to 60 seconds.

What I found was that after you modify the CSV file, you have to Edit the Lookup Table, then just click on Update Adapter. It will then start working with the new entry or entries.

Not sure if this is a bug, but it seems like one and took me a while to figure out.

Graylog 4.0.8+6b8c55d


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Thanks, Kevin, for posting a tip. We think that’s awesome! Tips are ALWAYS appreciated here!

I’ll try to recreate your process and see if I come out with same issue!

If any community member tests this, let us know what results you get! We’d like to share results!

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