How to use event definition description to send an alert to slack

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1. Describe your incident:
Hello, guys.
I tried to add description of event for vizualising it in the slack’s alert.
I used Event Definition Metadata which I found here Alerts
But there was nothing in my alert. Screenshots of my workflow in 3rd point

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS Information:
    5.0.10+40c8c33, codename Noir
  • Package Version:
    5.0.10+40c8c33, codename Noir
  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

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Looks good to me. Can you run it again with debug logs turned on? That will log the template and data that is being used to generate the message. Maybe that will shed some light.

Hello. Can give it you using only WEB interface? I have’t an access to server via console

You can set log level in the UI on the system/logging screen.

Unfortunately, I don’t have option “Cluster support Bundle” like you send on screenshot before

Ignore that. I am referring to the dropdown next to Subsystem: Graylog. Currently showing info - switch that to debug.

I did. What I should to do after?

Search the log for a message like
customMessage: template = {} model = {}

The placeholders will be replaced by your data. Hoping that will provide a clue.

Unfoturnately, nothing. What i’m doing wrong?

Also I’ve tried to find like this

Sorry, I am referring to Graylogs server logs, not the ingested log messages.

oh, do I to see them it in graylog servel log wich exist on the path ?


yes - that’s what I meant