How to send logs from AWS server to Graylog server

Hello Guys,

Can some one please suggest me how we can send/setup logs from AWS Servers(my application is on AWS server) to Graylog server(Linux, Ubuntu 18.04.3)

Thank you in advance!

syslog or beats might be a nice way to go - as it does not matter where your application is hosted.

You might want to be a little more specific about your question to get better answers.

Thanks for the reply Jan.

My question here is, do we have any specific process to send logs from AWS servers to Graylog server? or same as Windows and Linux servers? like installing log shipper(nxlog) or Graylog sidecar on the AWS application server and open ports from aws application server to graylog server and create input on graylog web interface??

When I requested my Infra team to open ports(9000 and 12204) from AWS Server(where my application hosted) to GrayLog server, they said that AWS application server is off net, so they can’t open requested ports, in this case what we need to do? what’s the solution for this issue?

Thank you!

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