Multi Server send logs to graylog

Hi ,
I want Recevie by central graylog the logs file from more Server.
Note: the server are not in the same Network the Graylog.
Example: graylog ip :
Server 1 ip:
Server 2 ip:
What is the connection method ??


Hi, immanuel

you should write static route to between different IP range .

Hi Bahram,
Have you links for that??
Thanks you.

Nothing special, just check, that you can route traffic from servers to graylog server. Usually it’s enough to have routing to route between netwroks on your router and firewall rules to allow ports from servers network to graylog host. Then you can directly send logs to graylog server IP and port of Input defined in graylog.

How are the logs being sent? Are you sending syslog, reading from files with filebeat?

Routing is needed for the clients, not on the Graylog side. If the client can reach Graylog, that’s all you need. Your existing inputs should work to collect the new messages, as ling as they use the same method (syslog, filebeat, etc…)

Hallo everybody
I will explain again that:
I have several servers running the Windows Server system, each server running in a network independent of the other. The goal is…through a central Graylog that receives logs file from all these different servers.
Thanks Your helps :grin::grin:

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