How to search by custom field property

I would like to know how can I search for log messages with a custom properties containing a field named “Main Status” and value “Starting Process”…

how can i do that?

Is the “main status” field being extracted? i.e. is there a dedicated field or it or is it within the bulk “message field”?

Did you read the Documentation on that?

is something not clear on that?

Jan, instead of being a dick about it, why don’t you point something friendly, like “why dont you try this query? for more info about it, check documentation’s section X”

Its a dedicated field. It’s content is a JSON… i thought it was kinda default field on the platform… I’m used to Application Insights, and on it the query would go something like where CustomProperties.SubField = Value

Leonardo if you have performed extractions against the logs to ensure dedicated fields were created for that log type as needed ( then you can run a search in this format Main Status:Starting Process . That requires Main Status to be it’s own field in graylog though (not just in the raw log that came in.

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