How to refresh Graylog Configs in UI

Is there a way to flush the frontend config states. I have several react components that are complaining about being undefined, null. I believe this is because I changed my config state slightly to remove some parameters. Here is the error I am getting.

vendor.js:48691 Warning: React.createElement: type should not be null, undefined, boolean, or number. It should be a string (for DOM elements) or a ReactClass (for composite components). Check the render method of `LogoReplacerConfig`.

Issue was I was running a outdated webpack components. I had not refreshed my node/npm webpack server.

@jochen Althought I fixed my issue. Is there a way to wipe the graylog config states for react components. Lets say you have a config component that is a strings. And you decide to change it to be a image or file. The react component on load crashes cause the types are different.

Question: Is there a way to flush/reset the react config states for the react side and also what graylog has stored?

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