How to plot last 30 days average along side today's average

Below is a graph of the average request time over the last 24 hours:

I would like to add another line which plots the average over the last 30 days, so that I can tell if today is atypical. How to do that in Graylog, or do I need to use Grafana?

Hello @joshg,

To my knowledge this is not possible. We are doing something similar but have individual graphs side by side, one with the last 1 day and one with the last 7 days.

I see, for your last 7 days graph, how do you aggregate it by time? I.e., how do you make graylog put 12am of each day in the same bucket?

Hey @joshg,

We used max(), but for us they’re trended values over time (statistics received once every 5 minutes) so it really wouldn’t matter. The side by side graphs look like this:

Here’s the configuration for the 1 day:

Here’s the 7 day:

The items under “metrics” are all max() but we’ve aliased them to be more readable.

Is that helpful? If not let me know and we can figure out how to accomplish what you’re looking for.
Is that helpful?

What you have posted is not what I am talking about actually. I want a graph that looks at the last 7 days, and plots the average request time for each hour of a day. So the horizontal axis is just one day, not 7 days. Each bucket is the average request time for each hour over the last 7 days.

Hmm, I have tinkered around with ours a bit to try to make something similar work without much luck. Maybe someone else with more experience with the graphs can jump in with some thoughts.

I also was trying to accomplish your idea in a graph, this was the best I could do so far.

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